DAC Barbara Uhoda Scholarship

$25 of each DAC yearly membership fee goes toward the Barbara Uhoda Scholarship.

Barbara Uhoda was an active member of DAC for many years and the manager of the Malabar Dancewear store Toronto. Sadly she passed away in 1996. The scholarship was established in 1997.

The scholarship is awarded every year at the DAC convention. All retail stores present are entered into a draw to decide which store gets to administer that years award.  This award can be awarded to a dancer at the discretion of the store and used to support a dance career.

The 2010 recipient stores were

  • Dance Street Saskatoon
  • Mirena’s Fashions Mississauga

…and were each awarded a $500 scholarship to administer. Check back soon for details regarding the dancers who recieved the 2010 scholarship.